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Natural History Museum of Latvia

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Natural History Museum of Latvia

The Natural History Museum of Latvia is the largest and one of the oldest complex museums of natural history and sciences in Baltic States. The Natural History Museum of Latvia originated from the museum of Riga Naturalists Society (Der Naturforscherverein zu Riga) that was founded in 1845. The objectives set by the Society at that time are linked with the current objectives – the preservation, maintenance and research of the natural collection, active environmental education, the formation of permanent and temporary exhibitions.
The Natural History Museum of Latvia is a marvelous place where to pass time and view modern, interactive displays and varied exhibitions, go on excursions, guided by environmental interpreters, to participate in various informative and educational activities on environmental and natural studies, to discuss the topical and latest events on nature issues, to see a wide range collections of natural resources. These are only a few activities characterizing the Natural History Museum of Latvia.
The museum permanent exhibition to be viewed:
·         Dynamic geology and rocks
·         Palaeontology
·         Zoology (Birds of Latvia, Mammals of Latvia, Mammals of the World)
·         Entomology
·         Life in the sea from north to south
·         Botany
·         Anthropology (Latvian ethnic origins, Human evolution)
·         Man and Environment (closed for reconstruction until 30.04.2011.)
The special exhibition – activity area „About the Earth, the Sun and Us”, in which the families with children (5 - 12 years old) are welcome to attend every month classes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday (advanced booking; in Latvian, Russian).

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4 K.Barona str., Riga, LV-1050

  •  67356023
  • phone:   Fax: 67356027