International Conference on Latgalistics

Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia)

University of Latvia (Latvia)

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland)

St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

The Society of Latgalian Culture (Latvia)

The Latvian Ministry of Culture

9th international conference
on Latgalistics

November 30–December 1, 2016, Rēzekne, Latvia

Commemorating the 140th birthday
of Francis Kemps

Awaiting two important centenaries – that of the Latgalian congress in 2017 and that of the foundation of the Latvian state in 2018 –, Rezekne Academy of Technologies in cooperation with the Society of Latgalian Culture is organizing a chain of conferences to honor the most prominent agents of the first Latgalian awakening: Francis Trasuns, Nikodems Rancāns, and Francis Kemps.

The annual International Conference on Latgalistics was founded in 2008 in St. Petersburg as a forum for research on Latgalian language, literature, and culture. Subsequent conferences were organized in Rēzekne, Latvia (2009), Greifswald, Germany (2010), Poznan, Poland (2011), Riga, Latvia (2012), Achinsk, Russia (2013), Rēzekne, Latvia (2014), and Vilnius, Lithuania (2015). In 2016, the conference will again take place in Rēzekne and will be dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Francis Kemps.

The conference will include the following topics:

  • The contributon of social and cultural agents to Latvian nation-building and the formation of the Latvian state in the context of the Latgalian congress of 1917;

  • ethnic, territorial, national and other identities and their reflections in the culture and language of border regions;

  • interactions of cultures in border regions: influences, typological similarities and differences in folklore, literature, media discourse, or museum work;

  • IT and museum work, new challenges and solutions for the humanities;

  • language contact between Latgalian and other languages of the border region;

  • methodological aspects of teaching Latgalian language and local history and geography in schools.

To apply for the conference, please use the attached form and include an abstract of up to 1500 characters (with blanks). Submissions have to be sent to by September 20, 2016.

Conference languages: Latvian, Latgalian, English, Russian.

For papers held in Latvian, Latgalian, or Russian, please prepare slides or a written summary in English.

Time for presentaton: 30 minutes including discussion (10 min.).

Conference fee: 40 EUR, students 20 EUR.

Accompanying events: presentation of a computer game about Latgalian social and cultural agents,; celebration of St. Andrew's day (Andrejdiena) with Latgalian literature and music; meeting of young artists (poets, musicians) from the border region. More details about the cultural program will be announced with the conference program.

Important dates:

September 20, 2016 — last day for sending submissions to the conference;

October 10, 2016 — notification of acceptance;

– November 25, 2016 — last day for paying conference fee;

Novemer 30 December 1, 2016conference;

December 16, 2016 — submission of articles to be published in Via Latgalica, an academic journal included in the EBSCO, Central & Eastern European Academic Source collection;

– 2017 — review process and publication of the articles.

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Rezekne Academy of Technologies

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9th International Conference on Latgalistics

November 30 – December 1, 2016, Rēzekne, Latvia



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Abstract (ap to 1500 characters with blancs)

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Conference committee

Prof. Dr. Ilga Šuplinska (coordination and local organization, Rēzekne)

Dr. Aleksey Andronov (St. Petersburg)

Prof. Dr. Lidija Leikuma (Riga)

Prof. Dr. habil. Nicole Nau (Poznan)

Accomodation in Rēzekne: