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Музей человека Наукшени

Naukšēnu muiža, Naukšēnu pagasts, Naukšēnu novads, LV 4244

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Музей человека Наукшени

What is HUMAN MUSEUM? The place where we tell stories about people who were born, have arrived and have stayed for life in NAUKŠĒNI territory. Here you will discover that you have some traits of an Estonian, include yourself in the stock and find out your body measurements in NAUKŠĒNI FINGERS but weight – in NAUKŠĒNI KILOGRAMS. The place for people who are not afraid of laughing at themselves, who are not conventional or narrow-minded. The young girls will find in themselves the nature of witches but young boys – the skills of taming the witches. We will altogether perform local mineralwater, kvass and oil therapy – both from inside and outside.

The mission of Human Museum: «Naukšēni Human Museum researches and interprets in a virtual environment and expositions the relations between an individual and society, a province and metropolis in Northern Vidzeme and Southern Estonia since the 13th century, paying the greatest attention to immaterial evidences, recording the stories of life, memories and genealogy of local families. Applying digital technologies, it gives schoolchildren an opportunity to learn about immaterial historical heritage and the philosophical aspect of the history of civilisation in the context of European culture».

History of the Museum: Naukšēni Human Museum as the museum of the local municipality was founded on  April 19, 2000. It was accredited on April 4, 2007 -Accreditation Certificate No. 98 (expires on April 3, 2012). It got its name on August 13, 2003 and it is legally protected trade mark.

 Address to the visitors: Don’t be afraid of the sign  «Unauthorized persons  keep out of the territory»  discreetlyattached tothemanorgate-post – the spirit of Baron von Grotte and Naukšēni Human Museum will kindly welcome you in Naukšēni Manor and in a few days you will have the feeling that just below the window is bubbling the park fountain and somewhere in the second floor bedrooms the maid is arranging silk bed covers but baron’s horses in the stables are anxiously fidgeting.
Maybe in the octagonal Cheese dairy of the Manor you may want to lounge in a hammock visualizing how the cheese felt here but in a case of full moon and some more coincidences of circumstances, the maids  may ride a flying bread-shovel and  pestle, but guys go witch hunting.
However, don’t get carried away – the manor houses Social Correction Establishment «Naukšēni»!
If you are tired – stand on the footbridge and wait for the raft «Ruhjas Donalds» remaining beware of the naughty Rūja beaver Urmass – and sip Naukšēni mineral water, which is not to be left behind for Baden-Baden, or try salad made with cold-pressed rapeseed, linseed, caraway, garlic, mustard or dill oil dressing.
If you decide to stay longer – the young family members may use Naukšēni Municipality Secondary School, get treatment in the doctor’s office, spend long winter evenings reading a book borrowed from the local library or in the recreation centre weaving group «Ādama brūtes» (Adam’s brides) together with other handicraft enthusiasts. If you like dancing – visit us during the municipality festival in summer or attend folk dance rehearsal in the recreation centre. On Whitsunday in Piksāri Church a 631 kg bell is tolling in the church tower, Udzēni ponds attract you to  take a fishing rod and experience the mystery of the fish world, but in Ķoņu Mound feel the biggest drumlin in Europe. Fuel your car with biodiesel produced in Naukšēni but drive carefully as we have alert local police and landguards. And finally – we have a coffin workshop, too...
I could go on telling but – only here you will see how the fern blossoms out in Vārdija pine forest. For the other tales – find NAUKŠĒNI HUMAN MUSEUM.

How many nagats does it cost: For adults – 2 Naukseni, students and seniors – 1 Nauksens (exchange rate – 1 Nauksens – 20 santims). Oil, kvass and mineral water therapy (both inside and outside) – 4 Naukseni. For free the guide will accompany you and your 6 friends, but for every 20 heads we will ask 25 Naukseni. The length of walk – 1.5 h

Special offer: Visit Naukšēni Human Museum with 9 friends and taste FIRSTENBERG PANKŌKS and KARĪNA LUSĪ HONEY TEA or VILHELM GROTTE ICE TEA.
(Guided tour + local product therapy + snacks = 13 Naukseni/per person.*)

* price for the guide service - 25 Naukseni/ per group


Naukšēnu muiža, Naukšēnu pagasts, Naukšēnu novads, LV 4244

  •  64268021
Visiting hours:
1 May – 1 October Su; Mo - closed; Tu; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat – 9 -17.
1 October – 1 May Sat, Su, Mon – closed; Tu; Wed; Thu; Fri; – 9-17.
Book your tour in advance, please.

HOW TO GET HERE. By the road, air or water. Back in dreams which ripen here within one year and come true. If you haven’t met any of  2,387 Naukšēni or Ķoņi inhabitants, saddle your BMW, Moskvich or horse and ride while you stop at Master’s house lions – 252 kilometres from Riga, on the very border of Estonia. (GPS:N 57 52.983 E 25 26.813). Ask for the guides – apparition Diāna or drellis Arnis.